Modern Styles for the Summer

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Florals for Spring and Summer are a thing of the past. If you're looking for ways to update your wardrobe this sunny season, we have easy styles for you to cop.

Reinvented Kimono

Kimono, a traditional clothing of Japan has intricate prints on the fabric, vivid colors, and sophisticated style that make it look like a work of art. During summer, most Japanese girls wear yukata, a lighter and more colorful version of the Kimono, and it's the perfect attire for summer festivals. You can wear a modernized Kimono by pairing it with your casuals and basics, and it's guaranteed to take your whole look to another level. 



The Shirt and Dress Combo

It's hot out but you don't want to show off your arms. You can wear a style that's currently trending in Korea: the shirt and dress combo. You can pair any strappy dress with a plain or statement shirt to achieve a simple yet incredibly cute look!



Color on Color

Summer is the time to stow away your heavy, drab, and gloomy clothes and bring out colorful pieces you can wear on its own or match for maximum effect. Don't be afraid to mix prints, patterns and loud colors, because summer is the time to be carefree! Finish off your look with an equally bright bag or accessories.


Off-Shoulder Gingham

When you think of the gingham print you imagine the picnic table. But this can actually be a fun print when worn in an off-shoulder style. It's a great look for the outdoors, whether the beach or a picnic garden!


The Rash Guard

If you're the type who doesn't like to show off a lot of skin, the rash guard is the perfect choice for a day of swimming. Not only does it protect you from the sun and harsh waves, it also still shows off your curves. You can choose a variety of rash guards that don't necessarily look like you're going to do some surfing. Make it more interesting by wearing one with interesting patterns.

Wide-legged Pants

Summer is the season when comfort over fashion is the best choice. Wearing tight clothing won't make you last long with the heat, and wide-legged pants will not only save you from that trouble, it also looks chic. Pair it with a plain top and you're good to go!



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